Shorter Long Shot (Demo)

This is the demo version of Shorter Long Shot performed by the very talented, Rachel Williams. You will find my version of this song and the background of the song @
Recorded at Kim Copeland Productions, Nashville TN – April 2014

Written by Diana Williams Demo Performed by Rachel Williams Fiddle & Acoustic Guitar – Glenn Duncan Electric Guitar – James Mitchel Bass – Jim Hyatt Keyboards – Buddy Hyatt Drums – Andy Hull

Verse: We started off without a prayer I couldn’t keep your eye I thought you didn’t care I was head over heels in love with you But i was giving up, there was nothing left to do

Verse: But now there seems to be some hope for you and me It feels like the real thing when you kiss me Perhaps we’ve got more than i ever thought Maybe it’s a little shorter long shot

Chorus: Maybe it’s a little shorter long shot I stopped by the lottery store today and bought A little shorter long shot I’m starting to see what you and me have got Maybe a little shorter Long shot

Verse: You showed up with flowers and a smile It’s been a long time it’s been a long while You swept me off my feet again You put me back together like all the king’s men

Verse: My pillow has dried from the tears that i cried You sound so different from the lies that you lied You said you were sorry for what you put me through And i’m back in love, head over heels over you

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