Recording Sessions

* Recorded 7 songs in Nashville – April 2014 at Kim Copeland Productions.
One of the most life changing moments of my life.

* Began working with Springbarrel Songwriter Services and Carol Perdew.
Carol stopped by the studio for an introduction and to congratulate me on being chosen for a 6 song package that included her songwriter’s services. You meet the nicest people in Nashville.

* Joined Global Songwriters Connection and started pitching songs to publishers and began co-writing with other songwriters (More to come on this!) If you need a bit of an energy boost, I suggest you meet Sheree’ Spoltore’, owner of Global Songwriter’s Connection. She and her husband, Lou provide top drawer services to “Encourage, Equip and Empower” songwriters from all over the world.

* Began song evaluations with Sheree’ at Global Songwriters Connection – learning more about crafting songs and applying what I’ve learned to the next group of songs to go into production.

* Currently working with a wonderful team that is helping me set up this awesome web site (Prateek Kathal!) and get me ‘socialized’ (Julie Ledermann!). I would be sitting squarely on square one if you hadn’t rescued me.

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