30 Minute Potential

Do you ever feel like you were created to be more – the feeling something is missing that you want or need to do?  Wonder why you feel that way?  It is because it’s true, you were created for more.

All of us were created with the potential to be as much as we are willing to be.

In the short span of a human life, we are given countless opportunities to grow into a portion of our potential. Because there will always be more potential available to us, we can only grow into a portion. The meaning of potential is a statement of abundance and limitation.  If you reach for your potential, there will be more available to you.  If you don’t reach for your potential (which is the easy path many people choose), what you have right now is all you will ever have.

The base word for potential is potent and the root meaning of potent is ‘to be able’ and ‘power’. It means ‘possible as opposed to actual’.  Capable of being or becoming. If that doesn’t get you a little fired up about you might be doing with your life, reread it. It is everything. As a songwriter, I cling to the belief in my potential every time I begin a new song or rewrite an old one. You will always have to be brave, but the word potential provides us with a mighty sword to confidently swing as you cut your way through the underbrush to the hidden possibilities.

Can you feel it when you find it? Yes. Within the glorious moments as you seize the potential of possibilities right in front of you, your soul rejoices.

  • You lose track of time.
  • You feel energized, even if you were up all night.

Some people have called this the zone, others have called it a connection or a muse. Whatever terms you may use, what you are feeling is your soul rejoicing and giving you what you need to create. In fact, giving you the creation itself. As God created us in His own image, then we are creators as well. If it makes God happy to create, it makes us happy to create.

Here are some ideas to clarify the process.  I am a writer, so these will seem like they are for a writer. However, I am also a designer and an idea-man (my husband’s nickname for me), so I know these steps work for anyone trying to understand their potential to achieve. Every achievement begins with an idea and a plan and those have to be captured to be tamed into reality.

How do you tap into your potential?  You can do this in 30 minutes.

  • Devote yourself fully to this sacred time – don’t let anything get in the way.
  • Simply pick up a capturing tool(s); this sets all the power in motion (a pen, paper, index cards, recorder, instrument, whatever tool your idea/yearning/goal needs to receive and capture the gifts about to be sent to you)
  • Open your heart and your mind to receive something sacred from a connection you know is there waiting for you. This has never failed me, I know God always has something to tell me, though I am continually surprised by what is sent.
  • Believe it before it happens with the expectations of a child. Mentally, get out the big crayons.
  • Be grateful. Say out loud, “Thank you for the gifts I am about to receive. I’m ready.”
  • Do NOT edit, as Natalie Goldberg says in Writing Down the Bones, “Keep your hand moving.” (Or your recorder, your sketches, or your project plan).
  • Respect the gifts. Care for them as tender plants. Name them, thank them, file them, let them rest and schedule more time with them in a day or so. They need tending.
  • Let the gift(s) rest. You may have it captured perfectly, but resting gives us the ability to know for sure. In our euphoric state of creation, there are times we don’t get it all on the page – some of it is still trapped in our thoughts. You won’t know until you think about something else for a little while.
  • Capture spin-offs! Remember the fishes and loaves story where Jesus fed everyone with a little bit of food and had leftovers? Spin-offs are as close to that kind of a miracle as I have experienced. It is much like picking an apple off of a tree to find the apple pie and apple fritters already made for you. Almost every captured idea can be recycled and reinvented into another product. For example, this blog could become a song, or a character’s dialog in a novel, a subject for a seminar, or an app, or a greeting card, and so on. The crazier they sound, the better. Do not let them dissolve into nothingness, write them down and tend to them. They are gold.

Here is the wonder and miracle of creation:

No matter the outcome of what you created, you were in full potential for that moment.

You reached, stretched, learned and gave in to the process and the connection – putting you a step closer to your potential. AND, you’ve just had more potential open up to you.

Don’t get stuck in the box of ‘I need to write a hit song’ or any other goal you may have.

Goals and potential are not always the same things.

Though your goal may happen as you reach for your potential, remember your potential is the power and ability to create. Don’t underestimate what that means in a human life by trivializing it to a goal which may or may not be yours. Goals may come and go while you are looking for one with a perfect fit, but potential is constant. As you tap in, you may find your outcome looks very different than what you thought it was. This is another gift of your potential. Here is an easy promise, if you hit your potential’s outcome, you won’t care. You will be happy and blessed and grateful and you will have goals befitting your potential – a powerful combination.

See why a word’s true meaning matters?

Aim to hit your 30 minute potential. (And if you go 3 hours, all the better!) Give yourself permission to shake hands with your potential and push yourself to another level of mastery.

Potential is personal journey. Only YOU can tap into it.

I would love to hear from you as you apply the true meaning of the word potential. What did you notice? Please email me at Diana Williams Music with your findings.

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